How we teach


Youll find that your one-on-one relationship
with your instructor produces more than good writing;
it may lead to a professional association of great value
through the sharing of experiences and aspirations.


Both you and your instructor are unique. No one else works, thinks, or learns quite the way you doand no one teaches, trains, and coaches quite the way he or she does. Breaking into Print is designed with flexibility to give you and your instructor the opportunity to develop a way of working together to help you reach your writing goals.

You begin to write immediately with your first assignment.
1. As soon as you enroll, you receive the textbooks and materials youll need for your first four lesson assignments. You start writing immediately.

Youve already sent us your Writing Test with some personal background information and samples of your writing, so your  instructor already knows quite a bit about you, and what level of instruction youre ready for. Your instructors welcoming letter gets you started and explains how youll work together to develop your writing skills and find your writing niche.


2. The instructional material you receive for each lesson assignment outlines in step-by-step detail how to write the assignment. After you complete it, you send it to your instructor by email or by regular mail depending on your preference.


3. Your instructor reads each lesson assignment thoroughly, then reviews your personal folder, which contains your Writing Test and copies of correspondence and all previous assignments.

This continuous review of your background, personal interests, and previous writing provides an excellent perspective on your progress at every step in the program.

It helps your instructor to see the strengths in your writing that you may not see and identify the writing niche thats best for you. These are pillars to build on. Regular reviews also help your instructor spot weaknesses and focus extra attention on areas that need improvement.

Your instructor writes comments, corrections, and questions directly on your manuscript for maximum clarity.


How you learn


This one-on-one pairing of a student with a published author is the most effective method yet devised to teach the craft of writing.
4. Your instructor reads each newly completed assignment you send in, then reviews it word by word, line by line. Corrections, questions, and editorial comments are noted directly on your manuscript and it is returned to you with an accompanying letter.

Your instructors letter explains the editing of your manuscript in greater detail, shows you how to address similiar problems in the future, and guides you to the next assignment.

These personal critiques provide you with invaluable perspectives on your progress and are among the most powerful teaching tools in our program.


New materials and assignments are sent to you as you make your way through the program. You will receive these materials as you need them, according to the pace you set for yourself.

The essence of Breaking into Print is individuality: We provide individual instruction according to your needs and goals when youre ready for it.

Your instructor knows the market for stories and articles through years of successful publishing experience. He or she knows the who, where, what, why, and how of submitting material for consideration.
Your instructor's personal letter elaborates on the comments on your edited  manuscript and gives you further help and direction.


When you have completed a manuscript, your instructors guidance and teaching materials will be invaluable in helping you select the most appropriate publishers for it.

We cant promise you success, of course; only you can achieve success for yourself. However, we promise and we deliver unsurpassed preparation for success in achieving your personal and professional writing goals in the fiction or nonfiction niche that you select.


As you progress, and as your instructor gets to know you
and your areas of special strength and interest, he or she
will help you develop the techniques you will need
to achieve your personal and professional writing goals.


You learn from your own
private instructor


Your writing is edited by your instructor
just the way his or her writing is edited
by a publishing house or magazine editor.


Your instructor closely supports
your progress


Your instructor returns your edited assignment with a detailed, personal letter discussing your work and his or her editorial comments.








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